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Honey farm (xs24_y1696z2552wgw2552zy1343)

x = 1, y = 1, rule = B3/S23
This pattern is a still-life.
This pattern is periodic with period 1.
This pattern runs in a non-standard rule (bs2ck).
The population is constantly 24.
This evolutionary sequence works in multiple rules, from bs2ck through to b2-ae345-y678s012345678.

Pattern RLE

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Sample occurrences

There are no sample soups stored in the Catagolue.

Comments (3)

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On 2020-02-15 at 02:04:41 UTC, Someone wrote:

honey farm evolves from a bun(beehive with an extra dot on the corner), a dot in a beehive, or one at it's tip (long side is the r pentomino grandson).

On 2019-12-24 at 14:55:34 UTC, Someone wrote:

I have been investigating the rule B34t/S23. The nickname of the rule I have is “EightBoatsLife”. I gave it the nickname because there is a fairly common constellation made up of 8 boats. It evolves from several honey farm predecessors. Blocks are slightly less common,but still the most common object. Boats get a 20% increase because of that 8 boats constellation.Beehives experience a 1.6% decrease. Tub,which is as common as pond in Life,is 5 times rarer than ponds. Ships find out they have a 10% decrease. Loaves get a 6% decrease.

On 2018-10-21 at 20:36:02 UTC, Someone wrote:

Honey farm

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